Quiz #2 for Chapter 7 Parts 1-5

Quiz #2 for Chapter 7 Parts 1-5

1. The predictions of the God Apollo... a. were war-oriented.
b. were spoken to men only.
c. were part of a human sacrificial ritual.
d. roads to immortality.
e. generally peaceful and practical.

2. The God Apollo had many loves who were transformed into non-human forms; this was NOT one of the forms... a. a cow.
b. a flower.
c. a cypress tree.
d. a bay tree
e. all of the above.

3. The mountain nymph, Daphne, pursued by Apollo... a. Transformed into a waterfall by Zeus.
b. begged Zeus to save her virginity.
c. was betrothed to Apollo by Zeus.
d. was drowned.
e. all of the above.

4. The God Apollo killed the mother of his son Asclepius because... a. she was a Titan.
b. she was part gorgon.
c. she was old.
d. she was pregnant.
e. she ran off with a mortal man.

5. The God Apollo's son Asclepius was known as... a. father of healing.
b. father of psychology.
c. father of history.
d. father of Agamemnon.
e. father of the titans.

6. Zeus kills the God Apollo's son, Asclepius, because... a. he stole fire for humankind.
b. he stole cattle meant for sacrifice.
c. he invented gunpowder.
d. he revives the dead.
e. he learns the gift of prophecy.

7. On Mount Olympus, (in the Hymn to Pythian Apollo) the Gods and Goddesses sing of... a. the divine gifts of the Gods and Goddesses.
b. laments for mankind's inability to cure death.
c. laments for mankind's inability to defend the body against old age.
d. mankind's mindlessness.
e. all of the above.

8. The God Apollo gets priests to serve his temple by... a. ritual examination.
b. sacrificing white barley.
c. shanghai-ing sailors off their course.
d. converting convicts.
e. sowing dragon's teeth.

9. The God Apollo promises his priests all they would want to eat, but warns against various customs among mortal men -- this is NOT one of the forbidden customs... a. sex.
b. arrogance.
c. disobedience.
d. idle words.
e. incidents.

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