Chapter 7 Reading Quiz

Chapter 7 Reading Quiz

1. Delphi is also known as... a. Pytho
b. Pyro.
c. Philo.
d. Apollo.

2. To secure his new temple location, Apollo must kill its present guardian, a mighty... a. Bull.
b. Titan.
c. Dragon.
d. Hydra.

3. Apollo's first priests were... a. Athenian blacksmiths.
b. Minoan sailors.
c. Mycaennean soldiers.
d. Nymphs.

4. Apollo promises that his oracles will be accurate. True

5. Which of the following is not True? a. Hera gives birth to Typhaon as revenge for Zeus' giving birth to Athene.
b. Hera asks for help from the titans to give birth to Typhaeon.
c. Typhaeon is raised by Python.
d. Typaeon is born one full month after Hera 'conceives' it.

6. Apollo kills Python with which of the following? a. An arrow.
b. A sword.
c. Music.
d. His bare hands.

7. Which of the following is NOT one of things Apollo is called in the hymn? a. Telphusian.
b. Pythian.
c. Phoebus.
d. Delphinus.
e. Pylos.

8. In searching for his first temple priests, Apollo transforms into an eagle. True

9. The first offering to Apollo at Delphi was white barley. True

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