Quiz #2 for Chapter 8 Parts 1-3

Quiz #2 for Chapter 8 Parts 1-3

1. The God Dionysus is said to... a. liberate the human spirit.
b. liberate captives of Hades.
c. liberate Athenians from Sparta.
d. alienate the libido.
e. all of the above.

2. The God Dionysus descends into Hades to... a. find and abduct the Goddess Persephone.
b. get secret of fermentation from the God Hades.
c. to find secret seeds for vines.
d. to find his wife.
e. to take his mother to Mt. Olympus.

3. The God Dionysus, in the Hymn to Dionysus, is... a. set upon by Titans.
b. is set upon by pirates.
c. is set upon by wolves.
d. is set upon by an angry king.
e. is set upon by a vengeful father.

4. The God Dionysus turns his first love into... a. a bull.
b. a dolphin.
c. a panther.
d. a cypress tree.
e. a grape vine.

5. In the mythology of the God Dionysus, the panther represents... a. secrecy.
b. strength.
c. bestiality.
d. wisdom.
e. feminine side.

6. In the mythology of the God Dionysus, the goat represents... a. wisdom.
b. sexuality.
c. feminine side.
d. youthfulness.
e. all of the above.

7. In the mythology of the God Dionysus, the erect phallus images at ceremonies symbolizes the God Dionysus as the God of... a. most powerful male deity.
b. the hunt.
c. fertility.
d. mortal prophecy.
e. the liberator of human for m bondage to the Gods and Goddesses.

8. In comparing the hero/deity Orpheus with the God Dionysus, they both... a. descend into Hades.
b. invent the lyre.
c. invent marriage between mortals.
d. marry goddesses.
e. all of the above.

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