Chapter 8 Reading Quiz

Chapter 8 Reading Quiz

1. Dionysus' mother is... a. Leto.
b. Semele.
c. Selene.
d. Lyra.

2. The pirates who tried to kidnap Dionysus were... a. Athenians.
b. Cretians
c. Peloponnesians.
d. Tyrrhenians.

3. After creating wine and vines, Dionysus changes into a _______ to scare his kidnapers... a. lion
b. snake
c. satyr
d. dog.

4. The kidnapers were transformed into _______ by Dionysus... a. swallows
b. dolphins
c. snakes
d. vines.

5. The one sailor who was spared by Dionysus was the _________. a. cook
b. helmsman
c. captain
d. mapmaker.

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