Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 9

Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 9

1. The realm of Hades is... a. surrounded by fire.
b. surrounded by Titans.
c. surrounded by night.
d. surrounded by water.
e. surrounded by forest.

2. The realm of Hades is the home of... a. The Furies.
b. the centaurs.
c. the sybilles.
d. the satyrs.
e. all of the above.

3. The realm of Hades is described as... a. the doorway to Elysium.
b. the realm of the libido.
c. the house of passion.
d. bleakness of the soul.
e. realm of human striving.

4. This was NOT one of the qualities that the Gods and Goddesses possessed... a. shape changing.
b. perpetual youth.
c. everlasting life.
d. unrealized possibilities.
e. beauty.

5. The concept of imminent oblivion refers to... a. going to war.
b. becoming a sacrificial victim.
c. personification of sleep.
d. becoming a god.
e. mortality.

6. The soul of the hero Achilles tells Odysseus he would rather be __________ than king of the dead. a. a scorpion.
b. the poorest man living.
c. a prisoner in chains.
d. an ass.
e. condemned to Sparta.

7. In the image of the world's cosmology, according to ancient Greeks, the realm of Hades was NOT located... a. over Tartarus.
b. in the same place as Tartarus.
c. across the River of Ocean.
d. at the edge of the earth.
e. in the far West.

8. The realm of Hades was home to... a. fallen heroes.
b. monsters.
c. Gods and Goddesses.
d. all of the above.
e. none of the above.

9. The realm of Tartarus was home to... a. fallen heroes.
b. monsters.
c. Gods and Goddesses.
d. Titans.
e. all of the above.

10. The concept of the "heroes passion" refers to... a. lusty warriors.
b. heroes with several wives.
c. seizing opportunities for fame.
d. blood-rage.
e. seizing power.

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