Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 9

Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 9

1. When the enchantress Circe tells Odysseus that he must descend into the realm of Hades, Odysseus says... a. his heart shattered.
b. his blood was on fire.
c. he trembled.
d. he prayed to Zeus.
e. all of the above.

2. In ancient Greek mythology, the gulf between the living and the dead refers to... a. water.
b. the Arabian Sea.
c. the River Achilles.
d. the invisibility of the dead souls.
e. the mindlessness of the dead souls.

3. The realm of Elysium was thought by ancient Greeks... a. to be at the rising sun.
b. under the realm of the Gods and Goddesses.
c. under Earth.
d. to be northward.
e. all of the above.

4. When Odysseus descends into the realm of Hades he is distressed... a. to see his father so oblivious.
b. because he can see any souls.
c. because his mother can't feel him hugging her.
d. because his friends are not there.
e. all of the above.

5. Which does NOT describe the existence of the soul in Hades seen by Odysseus in his descent in the realm of Hades... a. lacking understanding
b. colorless
c. cheerless
d. mindless
e. combative

6. The River Lethe is... a. the personification of Sleep.
b. the personification of Death.
c. the river of suffering.
d. the river of forgetfulness.
e. the river of sensual pleasures.

7. The realm of Elysium housed... a. Gods and Goddesses.
b. nymphs.
c. favored heroes.
d. all of the above.
e. none of the above.

8. The God Zeus condemns Tantalus to Hades, where he eternally... a. chases but can never catch nymphs.
b. eats fruit but can never gain weight.
c. stands in a pool of water but can never drink.
d. sees glimpses of earthly delights but can never stay awake.
e. stands in a pool of fire-y desire but is never sated.

9. The punishment meted out Tantalus gives rise to our modern term tantalize because it means... a. desire eternally.
b. insatiable desire.
c. emasculate.
d. promise without intending to give.
e. endure pain.

10. Among the punishments meted out to those who displeased the God Zeus was NOT... a. eternally rolling a stone up a hill.
b. eternally dancing.
c. eternally having to carry the world.
d. bound to a fiery wheel.
e. chained under Hades.

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