Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 9

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 9

1. Among the frequent visitors to the realm of Hades is... a. the god Hermes.
b. the God Hephaestus.
c. the Muses.
d. the Goddess Demeter.
e. all of the above.

2. When Hercules descended into the Underworld, Hades allows him to... a. take the dog.
b. take his wife Persephone.
c. take his magical weapons.
d. take hid mother back to the land of the living.
e. all of the above.

3. The king of Thebes, in his earlier days, descended into the realm of Hades to... a. steal Hades' magical weapons.
b. prepare for Elysium.
c. steal Persephone.
d. find his mother's soul.
e. to understand the concept of the afterlife.

4. Orpheus descended into the realm of Hades to... a. steal Persephone.
b. purify the soul.
c. find his wife's soul.
d. confront his father's soul.
e. take the dog.

5. Orpheus does NOT... a. save the dog.
b. ascend into heaven.
c. get past the dog.
d. save Persephone.
e. save his wife.

6. Orpheus was NOT known for... a. having died by sparagonaos.
b. hating women.
c. playing the lyre.
d. esoteric knowledge.
e. having died of a broken heart.

7. Orphic teachings did NOT include... a. extinction at death.
b. rebirth of the soul.
c. spiritual cleansing.
d. new bodies.
e. spells to get through Death's realm.

8. The Hades of Virgil differed from that of Homer and earlier writers in that... a. only heroes souls were allowed.
b. only righteous souls allowed.
c. only wicked souls allowed.
d. only a waiting place of final judgment.
e. all of the above.

9. The fate of Eurydice turns upon... a. the song of the Delphi.
b. a glance.
c. a lyre.
d. a dream.
e. a magical spell.

10. When the God Hades and the Goddess Persephone confront Orpheus, he... a. chains them below Tartarus.
b. leaves them in a dank cave.
c. turns them into angels.
d. reduces them to tears.
e. challenges them.

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