Radioactive Decay<BLURT>

Radioactive Decay

1. Why are gamma rays unaffected by an external electric field? A. Their mass is so large, therefore they are not deflected.
B. They have no charge.
C. They are magnetic.
D. They are charged, but they travel at such a high velocity that they are not affected by the electric field.

2. An alpha particle is composed of: A. 4 protons
B. 2 protons, 2 electrons
C. 2 protons, 2 neutrons
D. 4 electrons
E. 4 neutrons

3. An alpha particle is composed of two protons and two neutrons.A beta particle is a(n) ____________________ . A. electron
B. proton
C. neutron
D. alpha particle
E. isotope

4. A beta particle is an electron.Why are alpha particles deflected less by an external electric field than beta particles? A. Because alpha particles are positively charged.
B. Because an alpha particle has a smaller mass than a beta particle.
C. Because beta particles are negatively charged.
D. Because an alpha particle has a larger mass than a beta particle.

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