Stress Inoculation Technique
There are many techniques designed to reduce stress. A particularly effective approach to dealing with stress is stress inoculation. Donald Meichenbaum (1985) described three phases of stress inoculation: education, rehearsal, and implementation.
Education Phase
Specific information about what to expect is given to the individual. For instance, someone going into the hospital for an operation is able to cope better if he or she knows exactly what to expect.
Rehersal Phase
The person practices the threatening event in safe surroundings. For example, if I need to give a talk to a group of people, I rehearse at home until I am confident.
Implementation Phase
The person actually carries out the plan.
Stress reduction techniques also include a change in diet (for example, ingesting less caffeine), building a social support system, practicing meditation, using biofeedback, exercising, and implementing time-management techniques.