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What is CPS?

CPS - Classroom Performance System

Students in Classroom


Brings more energy and interactivity into the classroom
or lecture hall.

Imagine 100% of your students so engaged in your lecture that they all respond to every question you ask them!! And they like it!!

Yes that's possible and much more.


Classroom Performance System (CPS) is a student response system using wireless connectivity. It gives instructors and students immediate feedback from the entire class. The response pads are remotes that are durable, easy to use and engage students. CPS is available for both PC and Mac computers.

  • CPS helps you to increase student preparation, interactivity and active learning so you can receive immediate feedback and know what students understand.
  • CPS allows you to administer quizzes and tests, and provide immediate grading or simply give a participation grade.
  • With CPS you can create lecture questions that can be multiple-choice, true/false and subjective. You can even create questions on-the-fly as well as conduct group activities.
  • CPS establishes accountability by giving you an automated way to take attendance.
  • CPS accommodates lectures with up to 1,024 students per classroom and student-paced testing for up to 209 students per classroom.
  • CPS is VERY affordable! Adopters of McGraw-Hill textbooks are loaned all the necessary hardware and software. Students will purchase access from and a personal response pad from their campus bookstore for a minimal fee. Students who purchase a new McGraw-Hill textbook will receive a coupon that can be used to save 60% off the regular access fee for a one term course and 66% off the regular access fee for a two term course.
  • Students can use their personal response pad for more than one course and it’s designed to be carried from one class to the next.
  • CPS not only allows you to evaluate classroom attendance, activity, and grading for your course as a whole, but CPSOnline allows you to provide students with an immediate study guide. All results and scores can easily be imported into Excel and can be used with various classroom management systems.

What can you do with CPS?

CPS receiver and pads