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News Sources

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CNN Online Page
This is a 24-hour, video news channel. News, updated every few hours, includes text, pictures, and film. It also offers some good external links.

Cnet News
This site features a number of new stories every day about the intersection of technology and economics. If you want to know about the next breakthrough technology before the rest of the world The Red Herring is the site you're looking for. This is an excellent resource for news and insight on emerging technologies.

National Public Radio
At this site, he most recent stories from All Things Considered and Morning Edition are available with a one day delay; and programs since 1995 are in an archive. Also, for the latest information about technology check out Future Tense from Minnesota Public Radio.

Dismal Scientist
There is a great wealth of data available on the web, but without analysis it can be almost useless. That's where this web site comes in. Whenever there is a new release of a data series the Dismal Sciences is on the spot to offer the data and an analysis.

The Economist
The Web edition of The Economist is available free to subscribers of the print edition or for an annual fee to those who wish to subscribe online. A selection of articles is available free to those who want to dip into the journal.

Additional Popular Economics Publications