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Table of Contents

| Preface | Table of Contents |

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts

Chapter 3: The OSI Model

Chapter 4: Signals

Chapter 5: Encoding and Modulating

Chapter 6: Transmission of Digital Data: Interfaces and Modems

Chapter 7: Transmission Media(IP)

Chapter 8: Multiplexing

Chapter 9: Error Detection and Correction

Chapter 10: Data Link Controls

Chapter 11: Data Link Protocols

Chapter 12: Local Are Networks

Chapter 13: Metropolitan Area Networks

Chapter 14: Switching

Chapter 15: Point-to-Point Protocols

Chapter 16: Integrated Services Digital Network(ISDN)

Chapter 17: X.25

Chapter 18: Frame Relay

Chapter 19: ATM

Chapter 20: SONET/SDH

Chapter 21: Networking and Internetworking Devices

Chapter 22: Transport Layer

Chapter 23: Upper OSI Layers

Chapter 24: TCP/IP Protocol Suite: Part 1

Chapter 25: TCP/IP Protocol Suite: Part 2, Application Layer

Appendix A ASCII Code

Appendix B Numbering Systems and Transformation

Appendix C Representation of Binary Numbers

Appendix D Fourier Analysis

Appendix E Hardware Equipment for Error Detection

Appendix F Huffman Encoding

Appendix G LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) Compression Method

Appendix H Next Generation of TCP/IP Protocol Suite: IPv6 and ICMPv6

Appendix I Spanning Tree





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