Review by Rick Gaca, ISS Dept/Data Sevices, DeAnza College from cupertino,california , March 19, 1998, 5 out of 5 stars *****

A thoughtful, well-written intro to data communication.
I have read several data communication books from cover-to-cover;this is the first which I will re-read. It covers topics I did not expect to find in an introductory text and the authors get details right that some others do not. This is a first edition so there are a few typos (not many) and it needs a longer bibliography. In a few words: I think this book ends too soon and I look forward to more from these authors. I have ordered a 2nd copy to keep at work for reference.

Review by Wonsup Song, CP/SA, Departmental Sevices, ACITS, UT Austin

LAN Engineer II, The Sabre Group from Austin, TX USA , July 1, 1998, 5 out of 5 stars *****

Excellent book: The best I've seen in years
I am a network designer/engineer and I own 50+ networking books, anywhere from Netware for Dummies book to super-duper-technical books about ATMs and Frame Relays, and by far this is the most useful book that I've ever read and owned. It is full of good all around information and very well written. I find many of my books to be either to introductory or too technical(too dry) or don't answer a lot of fundamental questions. This book serves as a good introduction book but with excellent technical mix. It explains things that I didn't quite understood how it worked before (even though I knew how to use those technologys in the real working world). I learned more about data and voice communications through this book than my entire 4 years of computer scinece college education. Ever wondered how networks really worked? After reading this book you will finally understand how everything from the cable and hardware levels, to ISDN, FDDI, T1, SONET OC3, to routing, switching and etc, all work together.
This book covers computer networks as well as the voice and other parts of telecommuncations, which I wasn't particularly too familiar with before.
If you are a serious student or professional who want to learn more about fundamental networking, you should pick up this book. I highly recommend it.

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