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Supplementary Content

Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, 5/e is a reasonably comprehensive textbook, but it cannot possibly cover every topic related to software engineering without becoming prohibitively long. For this reason, the SEPA, 5/e Web site provides a collection of supplementary content.

In some cases, this content presents excerpts from earlier editions of SEPA that have been deleted (for space reasons) from the 5/e. In other cases, content is "new material" that has not appeared in SEPA.

This section of the Web site contains a wide variety of "miscellaneous" content that could not easily be placed in other sections of the site. It should be noted that in addition to the supplementary content indicated here, considerable additional content -- case studies, checklists, document templates, an adaptable process model -- has been provided to supplement the material presented in the book. Pointers to this material are presented below.


Supplementary Content

Business Process Engineering

COCOMO -- The Original COCOMO Model

DSSD, JSD, and SADT -- Alternative Analysis Methods

Interface Design Guidelines

ISO 9000 for Software

Metrics Collection Template

Negotiating Skills

Real-Time Systems

CASE Tools


SepaWeb References Presented in other locations

Adaptable Process Model


Document Templates

Umbrella activities


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