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Sample Video

The intent of the ESE modules provided as part of the SEPA, 5/e Web site is to provide an introduction to selected topics presented in Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach.

The video modules have been adapted from Essential Software Engineering (ESE) - a comprehensive 30 module curriculum in software engineering marketed to industry worldwide. Further information on the complete ESE curriculum can be obtained at http://www.rspa.com/ese.

The video available for your use includes a set of 12 selected video modules noted below:

  • Module 1-1. Software and Software Engineering
  • Module 2-1. Measurement and Metrics
  • Module 2-3. Risk Analysis
  • Module 3-2. Analysis Principles
  • Module 3-4. Design Principles
  • Module 4-1. Business/Application Reengineering
  • Module 5-1. Object-oriented Concepts
  • Module 6-1. Testing Concepts
  • Module 6-3. Software Testing Strategies
  • Module 7-1. Software Quality
  • Module 7-3. Formal Technical Reviews
  • Module 8-3. Change Control

Please note that the video modules and related materials are intended for use only by accredited colleges and universities in degree granting programs. No part of the video may be copied or retransmitted in any form.

Sample the videos in RealVideo:


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