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Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE)

Computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools assist software engineering managers and practitioners in every activity associated with the software process. They automate project management activities, manage all work products produced throughout the process, and assist engineers in their analysis, design, coding and testing work. CASE tools can be integrated within a sophisticated environment.

This section has been organized by tool category.


General Case Information
"Towards a formal description of tool integration frameworks"
     This paper outlines an approach to modelling tool interaction within integrated
     software engineering environments (ISEEs).
CASE Tool Integration Resources
     Excellent collection of resources for CASE tool integration and Integrated Software
     Engineering Environments. Recommended.
An Overview of PCTE
An Overview of PCTE: A Basis for a Portable Common Tool Environment.


CASE Tools Compendia
Broad-based collections of CASE tools with relevant links to vendors. May be organized by tool name and/or vendor name. May include descriptive information and/or comparative assessment.

CASE Tools Compendium - 1
     A useful listing of CASE tools and a comprehensive collection of CASE resources has been prepared by David Lamb.
CASE Tools Compendium - 2
      A comprehensive listing of CASE tools, including evaluations and experiences.
CASE Tools Compendium - 3
     A truly comprehensive listing of CASE Tools by category and name. Recommended.
CASE Tools Compendium - 4
     A useful listing of CASE tools.
CASE Tools Compendium - 5
     A comprehensive "developer's tool store" is presented at this site.
CASE Tools Compendium - 6
     A reasonably comprehensive directory of CASE tools (including platform, description, etc.).
CASE Tools Compendium - 7
     Pointers to software tools sites (arrangled alphabetically) is available through Quality World.
CASE Tools Companies
     A listing of web-addresses for CASE companies prepared by Yahoo.


CASE Tools By Category
Collections of case tools that are specific to a focused software engineering activity (e.g., project management, analysis and design, or testing). May be organized by tool name and/or vendor name. May include descriptive information and/or comparative assessment.


Project Management Tools
Cost Estimation Tools
Project Scheduling Tools
Metrics Products and Downloadable Tools
     Prepared by Thomas Fetcke, this site contains pointer to useful metrics tools.
Metrics Tools
Project Management Tools Vendors


Software Configuration Management (SCM)
SCM Tools - 1
SCM Tools - 2
SCM Tools and Vendors
     Contains on-line pointers to 20+ families of SCM tools.
Formal Technical Review Tools
RAD Tools


Analysis and Design Tools
Data modeling tools comparison
Data modeling vendors
Data Warehousing/Mining Vendors
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Tools
     A useful set of links to tools for data mining and knowledge discovery.
User Interface Development Tools - 1
User Interface Development Tools - 2
Tools for Calculating Software [Complexity] Metrics
     Includes both commerical tools and shareware/freeware.


Object-Oriented Software Engineering
CASE tools for object-oriented design and analysis
OO analysis and design tools
UML Tools for OOA/OOD
OOD Tools Comparison
     A comparison of five Object Oriented Design tools is presented.
OO languages and development environments
OODBMS (CASE Repository)
     A detailed tutorial and list of resources.
 OO Repositories & Resources
Survey of OOT Tools
     The results of a survey on OOT tools. The questionnaire used can be valuable
     when you evaluate a candidate tool.


Testing Tools
Software Testing Tools - 1
Software Testing Tools - 2
Software Testing Tools - 3
Software Testing Tools - 4
Software Testing Tools - 5
Software Testing Tools - 6
Debugging and Bug Tracking Tools and Resources
Problem Management (problem tracking/resolution) Tools
     A detailed report with links to relevant vendors.


Formal Methods
Formal Methods Tools


Client/Server Tools
Client/Server Software Tools
Client-Server Software Testing Tools and Vendor Information
Client/Server Testing Tools


Web Engineering Tools
Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools
Tools for Testing Web-Based Systems


Reengineering Tools
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Tools
Process Modeling and BPR Vendors
Software Reengineering Tools - By Vendor
Software Reengineering Tools - By Tool Name
Software Reengineering Tools - By Category