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Feature Summary

Outstanding Features Include:

  • An improved website that includes a complete set of PowerPoint slides, solutions, and source code.
  • A Case Study is used throughout the seconde half of the book to illustrate the techniques taught.
  • The new edition is language independent and provides the source code in both C++ and Java for the Case Study.
  • Up-to-date topic coverage including an overview of XP (Extreme Programming) and material on ISO/IEC 12207.
  • Contains over 600 references for additional reading, including many new ones.
  • Problem Sets that include: exercises, a team-based Term Project, Problems based on research papers, and Case Study Problems.
  • Covers both the object-oriented and classical paradigms preparing students for the varied experiences that they will have in industry. Due to an increased emphasis on object-oriented programming, the book has been renamed Object-Oriented and Classical Software Engineering.
  • Challenges of each life cycle phase are presented in separate sections at the end of each chapter in Part II.

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