This archive contains electronic files to accompany "Electric Machinery Fundamentals", third edition, by Stephen J. Chapman. It contains the m-files used to generate examples in the book, plus electronic versions of the magnetization curves used in end- of-chapter exercises. After it is downloaded, it should be unpacked with an unzip program that preserves long file names, such as WinZip.

Many of the problems in Chapters 2, 5, 6, and 9 require that a student read one or more values from a magnetization curve. The required curves are given within the textbook, but they are shown with relatively few vertical and horizontal lines so that they will not appear too cluttered. Electronic copies of the corresponding open-circuit characteristics, short-circuit characteristics, and magnetization curves are supplied in this archive. They are supplied in two forms, as MATLAB MAT-files and as ASCII text files. Students can use these files for electronic solutions to homework problems.

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