Introduction to Fortran 90/95 Introduction To Fortran 90/95
ISBN 0-07-011969-4

576 pages
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Stephen J. Chapman

Stephen J. Chapman is not content to merely introduce the basics of FORTRAN programming. He wants to teach students to be good programmers, and good programming means more than knowing the rules: it demands the discipline and the patience to produce detailed, carefully tested programs, capable of being easily revised and maintained by people other than the original programmers. To this end, Introduction To Fortran 90/95 emphasizes the big picture. Students are taught from the beginning to develop the habits necessary for programming large projects, going through a detailed design process that breaks the project into logical, manageable portions that can be implemented separately. The text also demands extensive testing and proofing, pointing out common errors through numerous boxes and other pedagogical features.

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    Contents in Brief
    1. Introduction to Computers and the Fortran Language
    2. Basic Elements of FORTRAN
    3. Control Structures and Program Design
    4. Basic I/O Concepts
    5. Arrays
    6. Procedures and Structured Programming
    7. Additional Data Types
    8. Advanced Features of Procedures and Modules
    9. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Pointers

    A. ASCII and EBCDIC Coding System
    B. FORTRAN 90/95 Intrinsic Procedures
    C. Order of Statements in a FORTRAN 90/95 Program
    D. Summary of Format Descriptors and I/O Statements
    E. Glossary
    F. Answer to Quizzes

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