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Interactive Routines and Other Special Routines

The Preface to the textbook includes a section entitled "A Wealth of Software Options." This section introduces various software packages that are available on the CD-ROM for integration into your course. These packages include the Excel Premium Solver and sample spreadsheet formulations (see Section 3.6), MPL/CPLEX with sample problems (see Section 3.7), Microsoft Project (see Chapter 10), and the OR Tutor with its 16 demonstration examples, as well as sample problems with LINGO and LINDO.

The Preface also introduces another valuable type of software for your use, namely, interactive routines for interactively executing various algorithms presented in the book. The computer does all the routine calculations while you focus on learning and executing the logic of the algorithm. Thus, these interactive routines make the learning process far more efficient and effective as well as more stimulating.

These interactive routines are provided here. We also have included some automatic routines for automatically executing algorithms that are not provided by the software packages mentioned above. Thus, all the interactive routines and automatic routines listed in the section entitled "Learning Aids for this Chapter in Your OR Courseware" at the end of the various chapters are provided here.

These special routines also accompanied the preceding edition of the book. The Preface to the current edition describes a plan to update these routines with an attractive new design that features a spreadsheet format based on VisualBasic. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to update the routines in this way. We found that VisualBasic does not provide a satisfactory environment for these particular routines. Therefore, these routines have been reprogrammed in JAVA2 instead with many improvements in the previous design. Using JAVA has some advantages, including being essentially platform independent. (Nearly all computers support JAVA2.)

This package of interactive routines and other special routines is called Interactive Operations Research Tutorial, or IOR Tutorial for short. This package includes an introduction, as well as Help files accompanying each of the routines, to guide you in using the software. The introduction and Help files also are available in an IOR Tutorial User Manual.

Please click on the links below to download this software and user manual.

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