Engineering Equation Solver Academic Use Software Request:

The adoption of certain McGraw-Hill texts (meaning that the text is required for students in your course) allows you the use of Engineering Equation Solver (EES) software in your course. You may load this software onto your institution's computer system for use by students and faculty related to the course as long as the arrangement between McGraw-Hill Education and F-Chart is in effect.

Please note that the adoption should result in a minimum order for 20 copies (50 copies in the case of International customers buying an International version) of the adopted McGraw-Hill Education text by the school.

The files that contain references to exercises in the book are included separately either on a DVD included with the text itself or by download by the students from the McGraw-Hill companion website that accompanies the particular text.

In order to receive the software and activation information, we will need to verify your status as an instructor or appropriate affiliate of the institution using the software. Please Click here to open the request form.

Once verification is complete, you'll be sent an e-mail containing a link to download the software and an activation code. This process should not take more than three business days.

Should this process take longer than expected, Please Contact Us.

Neither we nor F-Chart Software (creator and distributor of EES) will distribute or share your contact information with third parties. We may contact you to inform you of software updates and/or academic product updates. Please see our privacy notice for more information.


To purchase a site license and for information on the International and Professional Version of EES, contact F-chart Software at