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Concept 7: Lifestyle Physical Activity


Concept 7: Lifestyle Physical Activity

Aerobic Physical Activity or Exercise
  Aerobic means "in the presence of oxygen." Aerobic activity is activity or exercise for which the body is able to supply adequate oxygen to sustain performance for long periods of time
Anaerobic Exercise
  Anaerobic means "in the absence of oxygen." Anaerobic exercise is performed at an intensity so great that the body’s demand for oxygen exceeds its ability to supply it.
Health Benefits
  Health benefits refer to reduction in hypokinetic disease risk, decreased risk of early death, and improved quality of life.
Last bout effect
  Some of the benefits of physical activity are short term in nature. If the benefit of a bout of exercise lasts 24 hours it is only beneficial if the last bout of activity was done before 24 hours elapsed.
  One MET equals the amount of energy a person expends at rest. METs are multiples of resting activity (two METS equals twice the resting energy expenditure).
Performance Benefits
  Performance benefits refer to improved ability to score well on physical fitness tests or to perform well in athletic or work activities requiring high level performance.

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