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Concept 9: Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities


Concept 9: Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities

Active Aerobics
  Active aerobic physical activities are those of enough intensity to produce improvements in cardiovascular fitness. They are more intense than lifestyle physical activities that are also aerobic.
Active Recreational Activities.
  Activities done during leisure time that do not meet the characteristics of sports . Many types of active aerobics are recreational activities.
Continuous Aerobic Activity
  Activity that is slow enough to be sustained for relatively long periods without frequent rest periods.
Intermittent Aerobic Activity
  Activity that is alternated with frequent rest periods, often of relatively high intensity.
Paralysis by Analysis
  An overanalysis of skill behavior. This occurs when more information is supplied than a performer can use or when concentration on too many details results in interference with performance.
Self-Promoting Physical Activities
  Activities that do not require a high level of skill to be successful.
  Sports are typically considered to be competitive physical activities that that has an organized set of rules and both winners and losers.

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