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Concept 19: Stress Management, Relaxation, and Time Management


Concept 19: Stress Management, Relaxation, and Time Management

Active coping strategies
  A method of adapting to stress that is based on changing the source or cause of stress; also called problem-focused coping.
Committed Time
  Time that is committed to specific activity or purpose.
  A personís constantly changing cognitive and psychological efforts to manage stressful situations; Coping strategies can be either active or passive
  Hormones released by the body during periods of stress or exertion that are thought to suppress pain and promote relaxation.
Free Time
  Time not committed to work or other duties of the day.
  Time that is free from the demands of work is often called leisure time. Leisure is more than free time; it is also an attitude. Leisure activities need not be means to ends (purposeful) but are ends in themselves.
  Play is something one does of his/her own free will. The play experience is fun, intrinsically rewarding, and a self-absorbing means of self-expression. It is characterized by a sense of freedom or escape from lifeís normal rules.
Passive coping strategies
  A method of adapting to stress that is based on regulating the emotions that cause stress; also called emotion-focused coping.
  Recreation literally means creating something anew. In this book it refers to something that you do for your amusement or for fun to help you divert your attention and to refresh yourself (re-create yourself).
Social Support
  Any behavior that assists another person in addressing a specific need
  HypothesisA possible mechanism for the beneficial effects of exercise on stress.

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