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Concept 14: Performance Benefits of Physical Activity


Concept 14: Performance Benefits of Physical Activity

Anaerobic Exercise
  Anaerobic means "in the absence of oxygen". Anaerobic exercise is performed at an intensity that is greater than the bodies ability to provide energy through the aerobic system
Definition of Muscle
  The detailed external appearance of a muscle
Ergogenic Aids
  Substances, strategies or treatments that are theoretically designed to improve performance in sports or competitive athletics
Interval training
  A training technique often used for high level aerobic and anaerobic training; technique uses repeated bouts of activity followed by rest to maximize the quality of the workout.
Hyperkinetic conditions
  Condition caused by too much physical activity and/or insufficient rest
Motor Fitness
  A term commonly used for skill-related physical fitness.
  A training technique used to develop explosive power. Referred to as "speed-strength training in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where it originated. It consists of concentric isotonic contractions performed after a pre-stretch or eccentric contraction of a muscle.
  Activity from the second level of the physical activity pyramid that involves competition between teams or individuals in which the goal is to beat the opponent or win the game. Except in the case of ties, there is a winner and a loser. Activities such as swimming, cycling, and jogging/running are classified as sports by some writers; however, in this text they are defined as aerobic activities rather than as sports because most adults do not perform these activities competitively.
Sports Fitness
  A term commonly used for skill-related fitness.
  A term typically used to described the type of physical activity by those interested in high level performance (e.g., athletes, those in specialized jobs).

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