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Concept 18: Stress and Health


Concept 18: Stress and Health

  The body’s efforts to restore normalcy.
  A state of apprehension with a compulsion to do something; excessive anxiety is a tension disorder with physiological characteristics.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  A clinical condition characterized by a pronounced fatigue or debilitating tiredness.
  Negative stress, or stress that contributes to health problems.
  Positive stress, or stress that is mentally or physically stimulating.
  A collection of personality traits thought to make a person more resistant to stress.
Neuromuscular Hypertension
  Unnecessary or exaggerated muscle contractions; excess tension beyond that needed to perform a given task; also called hypertonus.
Physiological Fatigue
  A deterioration in the capacity of the neuromuscular system as the result of physical overwork and strain; also referred to as "true" fatigue.
Psychological Fatigue
  A feeling of fatigue usually caused by such things as lack of exercise, boredom, or mental stress that results in a lack of energy and depression; also referred to as "subjective" or "false" fatigue.
  The nonspecific response (generalized adaptation) of the body to any demand made upon it in order to maintain physiological equilibrium. This positive or negative response results from emotional that are accompanied by biochemical and physiological changes directed at adaptation.
  Anything that places a greater than routine demand on the body or and evokes a stress reaction.
Type A Personality
  A personality type characterized by impatience, ambition, and aggression; Type A personalities may be more prone to the effects of stress but may also be more able to cope with stress.

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