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Concept 20: Use and Abuse of Tobacco


Concept 20: Use and Abuse of Tobacco

Using a drug as a habit.
Physical dependence (addiction)
A drug-induced condition in which a person requires frequent administration of a drug in order to avoid withdrawal
A substance thought to promote or facilitate the growth of cancerous cells.
Mainstream smoke
Smoke that is exhaled after being filtered by the smokerís lungs.
Sidestream smoke
Smoke which comes directly off the burning end of the cigarette/cigar/pipe.
Secondhand smoke
A combination of mainstream and sidestream smoke.
A temporary illness precipitated by the lack of a drug in the body of an addicted person
The phenomenon of requiring more and more of a drug over time to achieve the desired effect
Any biologically active substance that is foreign to the body and is deliberately introduced to affect its functioning.
The use of a drug to help cope with a situation.

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