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Concept 21: Use and Abuse of Alcohol

Discussion Questions

Concept 21: Use and Abuse of Alcohol

  1. Should alcohol advertising be more strictly regulated or even banned?
  2. Why is drinking alcohol so socially acceptable in our society?
  3. Should Colleges and Universities crack down harder on underage and binge drinking or is it a "right of passage"?
  4. Should alcohol manufacturers pay for part of the social cost through increased taxes on the products?
  5. Should all states lower the legal BAC for drivers to .04% as National Health Goals propose?
  6. Should all states have a "social host liability" law permitting legal action against hosts for injuries received/caused by intoxicated guests?
  7. Should all states pass laws to revoke drivers licenses of those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI)? Should they undergo mandatory treatment programs?

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