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Concept 22: Use and Abuse of Other Drugs


Concept 22: Use and Abuse of Other Drugs

Any biologically active substance that is foreign to the body and is deliberately introduced to affect its functioning.
Drug abuse
The use of a drug to an extent that produces impairment of social, psychological or physiological functioning.
Psychoactive drug
Any drug that produces a temporary change in a personís nervous system's physiological functions, affecting mood, thoughts, feelings or behavior.
Seeing, feeling, and/or hearing imaginary things or seeing things in a distorted way.
The state of psychological dependence on a drug
Physical dependence (addiction)
a drug-induced condition in which a person requires frequent administration of a drug in order to avoid withdrawal
A temporary illness precipitated by the lack of a drug in the body of an addicted person
Synergistic Effect
The joint action of two or more drugs that greatly increase the effects of each

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