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Concept 25: Recognizing Quackery: Becoming an Informed Consumer


Concept 25: Recognizing Quackery: Becoming an Informed Consumer

Abbreviation for the American Medical Association.
Abbreviation for the Food and Drug Administration: a federal agency that recommends and enforces government regulations regarding certain foods and drugs.
A cure-all; a remedy for all ills.
Passive Exercise
A type of exercise in which no voluntary muscle contraction occurs; some outside force moves the body part with no effort by the person.
The most frequently misused and abused term in fitness vocabularies. It is "the resistance (tension) developed in a muscle as a result of passive stretch of the muscle. Tonus can not be determined by palpation or inspection of a muscle and has little or nothing to do with the voluntary strength of a muscle" (deLateur 1990).

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