Concept 6:. The Health Benefits of Physical Activity


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Concept 6:. The Health Benefits of Physical Activity, (p. 75)

Actual Causes of Death in the United States, (p. 77)

The Atherosclerotic Process - .The Benefits of Physical Activity, (p. 80(1a))

Homocysteine and the Atherosclerotic Process, (p. 80(1b))

Exercise & Blood Pressure, (p. 82)

Peripheral Vascular Disease, (p. 83(1a))

Physical Activity & Cancer, (p. 83(1b))

Physical Activity & Diabetes, (p. 83(2))

Physical Activity & Osteoporosis, (p. 84)

Functional Disability With Aging, (p. 86(1))

Compression of Morbidity, (p. 86(2))

Medical History, (p. 89)

Concept 6:..Supplemental Readings, (p. 90)

Author: Greg Welk and Ron Hager