Concept 10:.Flexibility and Stretching


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Concept 10:.Flexibility and Stretching, (p. 145)

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), (p. 149)

Explanation of the Stretch.Reflex, (p. 152(2a))

Changes in Muscle Tension During Stretching, (p. 152(2b))

Common Movements, (p. 153)

Flexibility Exercises, (p. 153)

Flexibility Exercises - Upper Body, (p. 153)

Flexibility Exercises - Trunk, (p. 153)

Flexibility Exercises - Lower Body (1), (p. 153)

Flexibility Exercises - Lower Body (2), (p. 153)

Fitness Self-assessments from Interactive Personal Trainer, (p. 155(1a))

Personal Fitness Profile, (p. 155(1b))

Concept 10:..Supplemental Readings, (p. 155)

Author: Greg Welk and Ron Hager