Concept 11:.Muscle Fitness


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Table of Contents

Concept 11: Muscle Fitness, (p. 167)

Physiology of Muscular Contractions, (p. 168(1)

Muscle Fiber Types, (p. 168(2)

Muscles Work in Pairs, (p. 170(1a))

Muscular Fitness and Posture, (p. 170(1b))

Isometric Exercise Program, (p. 172(1a))

Isokinetic Exercise Machines, (p. 172(1b))

Safety Guidelines for Plyometric Exercises, (p. 172(2))

Variable Resistance Machines, (p. 174)

Descriptions of Resistance Training Systems, (p. 179)

Creatine Supplements, (p. 182)

Body Weight Test for Strength, (p. 185)

Personal Fitness Profile, (p. 185(1))

Self-assessments for Strength and Endurance, (p. 185(2))

Assessments for Muscular Strength, (p. 185(2))

Assessments for Muscular Endurance, (p. 185(2))

Elastic Band Resistance Exercises (click on name of exercise to see a description), (p. 185(2))

Concept 11:..Supplemental Readings, (p. 187)

Author: Greg Welk and Ron Hager