Concept 12:.Body Composition


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Concept 12:.Body Composition, (p. 204)

Underwater Weighing Technique, (p. 211)

Comparison of 7-site and .3-site Skinfold Assessments, (p. 212)

Using Circumference Measures to Estimate Body Fatness, (p. 213(1))

Calculating Desired Body Weight, (p. 213(2))

Overweight Levels in the U.S. by State (1992/93 BRFSS data), (p. 214(1a))

Research on Abdominal Body Fatness - Relationships with CHD Risks, (p. 214(1b))

Fitness Provides Protection Against the Health Risks of Body Fatness, (p. 216)

Fitness Profile, (p. 223(1))

Estimating Energy Expenditure, (p. 223(2a))

Body Composition Assessments, (p. 223(2b))

Concept 12:..Supplemental Readings, (p. 224)

Author: Greg Welk and Ron Hager