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McShane/Von Glinow: Organizational Behavior


Barnes/Dworkin/Richards: Law for Business, 7/e


Brealey/Myers: Principles of Corporate Finance, 6/e


Multicultural Supersite
World Languages Supersite
Children's Literature Supersite
Amon: Vis-à-vis 2/e
VanPatten: ¿Sabías Que? 3/e
Nicholas: Motivos de Conversación 5/e
Sadker: Teachers, Schools, and Society 5/e
Elliott: Educational Psychology: Effective Teaching, Effective Learning, 3/e
Fraenkel: How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education
Kottak: Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology, 8/e
Langan Series Website
Langan: College Writing Skills 5/e
Nims & Mason: Western Wind, an Introduction to Poetry 4/e
DiYanni: Literature, Reading Ficion, Poetry, and Drama, Compact Edition and Fourth Edition


Robergs/Fundamental Principles of Exercise Physiology


Locker: Business and Administrative Communication, 5/e
Management Accounting: A Strategic Focus Award Winning Series
Corrado and Jordan: Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management


Hill: International Business, 3/e
Ferrell and Hirt: Business: A Changing World, 3/e
Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright: Human Resource Management, 3/e
Jones, George, Hill: Contemporary Management, 2/e
Corbin et al/Concepts of Physical Fitness, 10/e
Corbin et al/Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, 3/e
Arnheim-Prentice/Principles of Athletic Training, 10/e
Engineering and Computer Science Supersite


Environmental Science Supersite
Grenstein/Feinman: Electronic Commerce: Security, Risk Management and Control
Shani/Lau: Behavior In Organizations: An Experiential Approach, 7/e
Arnheim-Prentice/Essentials of Athletic Training, 4/e
Jones: Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning 2000 Edition
Messier: Auditing & Assurance Services: A Systematic Approach, 2/e


Bennett-Nelson/Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
Barnett-Ziegler-Byleen/Precalculus: Functions and Graphs, 4/e
Schroeder: Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases
Timmons: New Venture Creation, 5/e
Hodgetts/Luthans: INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT: Culture, Strategy and Behavior, 4/e
Hickman/Animal Diversity, 2/e
Marine and Aquatic Biology Supersite
Ecology/Evolution Supersite


Montgomery/Environmental Geology, 5/e Update
Duxbury/Fundamentals of Oceanography, 3/e
Morgan: Application Cases in MIS, 3/e
MORE: Management Online Resource Experience


FRAN: Finance Resources Access Network
O'Brien: Management Information Systems, 4/e
Williams: Using Information Technology, 3/e


OSCAR: Online SuperCenter for Accounting Resources
College Algebra Series
Dolphin/Biological Investigations: Form, Function, & Diversity, 5/e
Aczel: Complete Business Statistics, 4/e

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