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  • Lymph and Immunity
    Much information, including that on specific immunity.
    (Added: Wed Jun 12 2002)
  • AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS)
    This comprehensive site hosts an abundance of information on HIV and AIDS from alternative treatments to drug trial data to safer sex information to information specific to women. The scope of this site is multinational.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Apoptosis, Macrophages, CD-4, and HIV
    Apoptosis, macrophages, CD-4, and HIV are discussed in this Journal of Experimental Medicine article.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Atlas of Blood Cells and Bone Marrow
    A photomicrographic atlas of blood cells and bone marrow. Some very good pictures include leukemias, thalassemia (a disorder affecting red blood cells), and anemias.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Free Medical Journals
    Check this site for free information from renowned medical journals pertaining to this topic. Over 1,000 journals included, with tons of information.
    (Added: Mon Sep 23 2002)
  • Glossary of Immunology
    This glossary is specifically designed for immunological terms.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Hepatitis A, Vaccination, and Statistics
    A simple explanation of what causes hepatitis A, vaccination, and statistics.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Hepatitis B
    Facts on hepatitis B(symptoms, statistics, spread, and prevention).
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • HIV and AIDS Info Centre
    Several aspects of HIV and AIDS are covered here, including an extensive presentation on the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • HIV InSite
    Gateway to AIDS knowledge. Links to a variety of peer-reviewed articles on HIV infection, many statistics from the University of California at San Francisco.
    (Added: Wed Jun 12 2002)
  • HIV Originated With Monkeys, Not Chimps
    A National Geographic News article by Stefan Lovgren suggests that "Scientists now say that the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), which is believed to have been transmitted to humans to become HIV-1—the virus that causes AIDS—didn't start its life in chimps".
    (Added: Wed Dec 29 2004)
  • Immunology and Aging
    A variety of resources are available at this site sponsored by the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Immunology on Aging.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Infection and Immunity
    This extensive site with graphics consists of over 20 tutorials on the immune system and infection. Some tutorials include Microbes and Man, The Humoral Theory, Anatomy of the Immune System, Cells of the Immune System, Principles of Immunization, and Epidemiology.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Lymphedema
    This informative site introduces the user to fundamentals of the lymphatic system and lymphedema.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    The incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is significantly greater in patients infected with HIV than in the general population.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Opportunistic Infections
    Learn more about opportunistic infections that attack those with compromised or underdeveloped immune systems.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Overview of HIV Infection
    How HIV infects cells is presented in Overview of HIV Infection that includes diagrams by Cells Alive!.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Pathology of Lymph Nodes
    Dr. Norman Levy has developed this helpful overview of lymph nodes and their pathology.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Polio and Other Diseases
    This site features a multitude of links providing information on polio and other diseases with similar symptoms.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Sinusitis
    This site addresses the common malady of sinusitis.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Specific Immunity
    This page and links describe both humoral and cell-mediated immunity, with a link to information on the chemistry and physiology of inflammation.
    (Added: Wed Jun 12 2002)
  • The Human Body’s Non Specific Defense
    This page describes the skin and various epithelia and their role in defense.
    (Added: Wed Jun 12 2002)

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