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  • Acid-Base Disorders in Critical Care
    A brief review of acid-base physiology, alterations in metabolic states, and the diagnosis and treatments of altered metabolic states is presented.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Acid-Base Physiology
    A clear and thorough explanation of acid-base physiology by David Kohan, M.D.
    (Added: Wed May 29 2002)
  • CHEM4Kids - Acids and Bases
    A really basic site with good information on acids and bases for someone new to chemistry.
    (Added: Tue Nov 09 2004)
  • CHEMTutor Acids and Bases
    Find out about pH, properties of acids and bases, buffer math, and lots more at this site.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • CHEMystery: Acids and Bases
    Click on "Visit Site". Acids and Bases is part of the CHEMystery Page intended for high school students, but useful for anyone needing to review. Use this site to review the basics about acids and bases, electrolytes, acid-base reactions, and the pH scale.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Definitions of Acids and Bases
    A great web site from Purdue University with lots of information about acids and bases.
    (Added: Tue Nov 09 2004)
  • Framingham Pediatrics: Vomiting nd Diarrhea
    A guide for parents and health care workers on pediatric vomiting and diarrhea, from Framingham Pediatrics.
    (Added: Wed May 29 2002)
  • Grogono's Acid-Base Tutorial
    A great acid-base tutorial aimed at physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals.
    (Added: Thu Aug 18 2005)
  • Mayo Health Oasis: Diuretics that Spare Potassium
    The Mayo Health Oasis, by the Mayo Clinic, has many interesting articles that pertain to electrolyte and other imbalances in the body. Two articles pertain to diuretics: potassium-sparing diuretics and the safety of calcium channel blockers.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • MedlinePlus: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
    From the National Library and Medicine and National Institutes of Health, this site contains abundant links to topics related to fluid and electrolyte balance.
    (Added: Fri Oct 06 2006)
  • MedlinePlus: Metabolic Disorders
    From the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, this site contains links to an abundance of information on metabolic disorders.
    (Added: Wed May 29 2002)
  • Preventing Dehydration in Children
    Preventing Dehydration in Children presents topics that detail the need for oral electrolyte and fluid replacement (oral rehydration therapy) in infants and children suffering from diarrhea. This is especially important because of the number of young lives lost to dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea annually.
    (Added: Thu Aug 29 2002)
  • Vision Learning - Acids and Bases
    Very readable site covering acids and bases and the history of the study of them.
    (Added: Tue Nov 09 2004)

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