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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Kenneth H. Rosen, AT&T Laboratories

This site is currently undergoing a detailed review for accuracy and functionality. Changes arising from this review will be incorporated prior to its final release. Additional material in progress will also be incorporated at this final release.

By exploring this site you'll find a wealth of resources that have been developed to supplement your use of Kenneth Rosen's Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, fifth edition. You should return to this site periodically as it will be maintained and improved on a continuing basis.

This site is organized into three parts:

Information Center: contains basic information about the text, its supplements, and the many publishing and technology options provided by McGraw-Hill.

Instructor Center: contains helpful resources for Instructors using the text, including Sample Syllabi, Teaching Suggestions, Shared Resources including transparency masters and lecture notes created by instructors at different schools, and tools for migrating from the 4th edition to the 5th edition. All resources for students can also be accessed from this center.

Student Center: contains many resources designed to help students learn discrete mathematics from the Rosen text, including guides to writing proofs and common mistakes in discrete mathematics, links for tutoring help and a useful bulletin board, as well as companion material identified by Web icons printed in the book. The companion material includes links to external Web sites, extra examples and additional steps, self-assessment on some key topics, and interactive demonstrations of important algorithms.

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