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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Kenneth H. Rosen, AT&T Laboratories

The Maple Supplement

This book is a supplement to Ken Rosens's text Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, Fifth edition. It's entire focus is on the computational aspects of the subject. To make use of the code found in this supplement you need to make use of a special library that has been developed to supplement Maple for this book.

To make use of this code

  1. Download the zip file containing the supplemental library by clicking this library link
  2. Unzip the library in an appropriate location on your machine. This will create a subdirectory under the current directory with the name rosenlib
  3. Add the rosenlib directory at the beginning of Maple's libname variable as in
    libname := "c:/rosenlib", libname:
    by placing this command in your maple.ini file, or somewhere near the top of your Maple worksheet.
  4. Whenever you wish to use the code, load it first by executing the Maple command:
    This will show you a list of the commands that are defined.

The sample code that is found throughout the text is found in blocks of code which begin with a reference to libname and then load this package.

A table of contents for the supplement appears below with hyperlinks directly to the Maple supplements relevant to the various chapters.