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to accompany Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 4/E

This manual contains the full solutions to all of the odd-numbered exercises in the textbook. These solutions explain why a particular method is used, and why it works. For some exercises, one or two other possible approaches are described to illustrate that a problem may be solved in several different ways. Suggested references for the writing projects, found at the end of each chapter, are also included in this guide. The manual contains a guide to writing proofs and a list of common errors that students make in discrete mathematics. In order to assist students in preparing for examinations, sample test questions and answers, and sample crib sheets, are provided for each chapter. Now in its Fourth Edition, students find the Student Solutions Guide very useful. Order your copy today! The ISBN number is 0072899069.

to accompany Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 4/E

This manual contains the full solutions to all of the even-numbered exercises in the textbook, and provides suggestions on how to teach the material in each chapter of the book, including suggested key points to stress in each section and how to put the material in perspective for your students. Sample syllabi are also presented. In addition, the manual includes a printed test bank of over 1300 sample examination questions and answers, as well as sample chapter tests and answers.

to accompany Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 4/E
Macintosh (0072899085)
Windows (0072899093)

An extensive test bank of over 1300 question is available for use on either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Instructors can utilize this software to create their own tests. Test questions and answers may be selected manually or randomly. Instructors are able to add their own headings and instructions to the exams, print scrambled versions of the same test, and edit existing questions or add their own. A printed version of this test bank (test questions and answers) is included in the Instructor’s Resource Guide.

Supplementary texts:

EXPLORING DISCRETE MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS WITH MAPLE by Kenneth H. Rosen, John S. Devitt, Troy Vasiga, James McCarron, Eithne Murray, and Ed Roskos.

This ancillary is a separate book designed to help students use the MAPLE computer algebra system to do a wide variety of computations in discrete mathematics. For each chapter of the main text, this ancillary includes the following: a description of relevant MAPLE functions and how they are used, MAPLE programs that carry out relevant computations, suggestions and examples showing how MAPLE can be used for the computations and explorations at the end of each chapter, and exercises that can be worked using MAPLE.


This ancillary is a separate text that can be used either in conjunction with the main textbook, or independently. It contains more than 20 chapters (each with its own set of exercises) written by instructors that have used the main text. Following a common format, similar to that of the main text, the chapters in this book can be used as a text for a separate course, for a student seminar, or for a student doing independent study.

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