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Interactive Applications

Interactive Applications


Laying Bricks

Sailboat Navigation

Stretching a Spring

Sky Divers

Leaning Ladder

Draining the Vat

Price of Hamburger

Sailing Speed

Hang Time

Female Target Heart Rate

Great Chicago Flood

Camaro Inflation

Textbook Case

Life Expectancy of White Males

Filling the Tub

Spillway Capacity

Pole Vaulting

Falling Objects

Function Graphing

Radioactive Decay

Marine Navigation

Total Economic Impact

Tossing Dice

Please note that the Interactive Application applets require a browser that supports JDK 1.1. JDK 1.1 is supported on PC Windows 95/98/NT on MS Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher and Netscape Navigator 4.06 or higher. JDK 1.1 is supported on Macintosh on MS Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.

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