"The introduction of case studies...is a philosophy that has really been carried out. Too many other texts list case studies (or big projects) and then only make perfunctory mention of them later in the text."
-Ron Barnes, University of Houston-Downtown

"The cases are constructed such that there is sufficient background to motivate the student. The background required is not so specialized as to be inaccessible to instructors or students and the sequencing is sensible. For these reasons I believe the use of cases is appealing as a teaching tool."
-Rick Edgeman, Colorado State University

Applied Statistics offers over 30 case studies and examples uniquely integrated throughout the text. These cases emphasize that the ultimate goal of statistical analysis in business is to improve the performance of business processes. These cases are built upon from chapter to chapter, revisited in the exercises, and help provide continuity throughout the text.

For example, the AccuRatings case study illustrates the use of probability concepts by examining the process of rating and researching radio station listenership. Business students, normally intimidated by probability, will be motivated by seeing concepts such as random sampling, estimation, probability rules, conditional probability, and expected value within the context of reports developed by Strategic Radio Research of Chicago, Illinois.

The AccuRatings case shows how Strategic Radio Research uses probability concepts to estimate how familiar listeners are with a si\song, how they rate a song's popularity, and which songs listeners are tired of hearing. For example, one report summarizes radio station listenership for the top ten radio stations in Los Angeles, while another rates the popularity of a rap song by the artist Coolio.


  1. The Accounts Receivable Case ( Found in Chapters 1,2,4,5,6,7)
  2. The Marketing Research Case (1,2,6,7)
  3. The Car Mileage Case (1,2,4,5,6,16)
  4. The Spring Manufacturing Case (2,4,6)
  5. The Electronic Article Surveillance Case (2,7)
  6. The P*I*E Nationwide Case (2)
  7. The Gasoline Additive Case (2,12)
  8. The Fresh Detergent Case (2,12,13)
  9. The AccuRatings Case (3)
  10. The Cheese Spread Case (4,5,7)
  11. The Treatment Time Case ( 4,5)
  12. The Trash Bag Case (7)
  13. The Camshaft Case (7,10)
  14. The Catalyst Comparison Case (8)
  15. The Repair Cost Comparison Case (8)
  16. The Advertising Media Case (8)
  17. The Hole Location Case (10)
  18. The Fuel Consumption Case (11,12)
  19. The Service Time Case (11)
  20. The Sales Territory Performance Case (11,12,13)
  21. The Hospital Needs Labor Case (13)
  22. The NARHS(National Association of Retail Hardwares) Case (13)
  23. The Cod Catch Case (14)
  24. The Calculator Sales Case (14)
  25. The Traveler's Rest Case (14)
  26. The Tasty Cola Case (14)
  27. The Gasoline Mileage Case (14,15)
  28. The Defective Cardboard Box Case (14,15)
  29. The Shelf Display Case (14,15)
  30. The Microwave Oven Preference Case (16)
  31. The Customer Satisfaction Case (16)

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