EthicsWorks© by Robert Pielke is a computerized student study guide that accompanies Today's Moral Issues, Third Edition. This software includes hundreds of multiple-choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions, hints to guide students toward correct answers, and an Instructor's Package which allows the instructor to create and grade a computerized exam using the questions in the study guide. A user manual also accompanies the program. The software is available in its full version on floppy disk for both the Macintosh® and PC systems.

Try EthicsWorks© now by following these downloading instructions!

For PC users:

  1. Before you attempt to download EthicsWorks©, create a folder on your hard drive in which you will place the downloaded file. Title the folder "EWB"
  2. Return to this web page and click on the PC demo version link below.
  3. When dialogue box "Unknown File Type" appears, choose the "Save File" option and save the compressed file in the folder EWB that you just created.
  4. Go back to your desktop and, using Explorer, go to the folder EWB and double-click on to expand all contents in the same folder.
  5. Double click on CW-tutor.bat
  6. Follow the EthicsWorks© instructions. Your identification number is 1001.

Download the PC demo version of EthicsWorks©.

For Macintosh® users:

  1. Click on the Macintosh® demo version link below.
  2. Go to your desktop.
  3. Double-click on the file folder entitled "EWB Demo."
  4. Double-click on "The Tutor."
  5. Follow the EthicsWorks© instructions. Your identification number is 1001.

Download the Macintosh® demo version of EthicsWorks©.

Shrink-wrap EthicsWorks© with Today's Moral Issues for $57.95 (save $10 off the cost of the two items purchased separately!). To order this shrink-wrapped package, contact Mayfield Publishing at (800) 433-1279. Ask your bookstore to use ISBN 0-7674-1114-5.

Individual copies of EthicsWorks© can be purchased through the Philosophy Documentation Center for $25 each. Contact Laura Sharland at (800) 444-2419 ext.1 or if you wish to order the software separately.


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