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Deadly Ideas

A jury of 501 Athenian citizens convicted Socrates of impiety and corrupting the youth and sentenced him to death.  What was Socrates doing that made him seem so dangerous to Athenian authorities?  Everyone acknowledges that Socrates made lots of enemies in Athens.  In his self-professed search for wisdom he questioned many of the so-called intellectual elite in Athens and forced them to display their ignorance and hypocrisy.  Since Socrates, many other people have been imprisoned or executed because people in power found their ideas dangerous.  The Web links provided here offer access to information on the death penalty and imprisonment as used to punish people for their ideas.  How much have things changed since Socrates’ death?  What sorts of ideas warrant the death penalty? 

Death Penalty Links- Hundreds of links

Irish Political Prisoners Information Page

Prison Issues Desk- US Political Prisoners

Amnesty International On-line- human rights website

Political Prisoners - American History - Net Links Democracy and Dissidents -- The Complete Reference to China's Democracy and China's Dissidents Web Sites


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