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Gender Differences 

Are men and women really different?  Beyond the obvious anatomical distinctions, are there fundamental differences in the way that women and men think?  If so, what are the causes of these differences and what are the consequences?  Feminist philosophers are not in agreement on the answers to these questions but most would agree that these are important issues and all would likely agree that the perception exists in every-day society that there are such differences.  Listed below are a variety of links to information on gender differences, use them to explore the following questions.

  • Below are some links to current physiological and psychological studies on gender differences.  Based on what you find, decide whether or not you agree that fundamental gender differences exist and, if they do, what these differences are.
  • Whether or not there are genetic variations between the sexes that result in fundamental differences in the way men and women think, few would argue that there are gender differences that result from acculturation.  Should we strive to raise females and males in a gender neutral environment?
  • Some educators suggest that one of the reasons girls generally under perform boys in math and science is that co-educational classrooms favor boys over girls.  Are gender specific math and science classes the answer?
  • Are women and men predisposed to excel at different careers?  Do women make better doctors, veterinarians, and astronauts?  Do men make better accountants, soldiers, and engineers?  Whether or not these differences are the result of genetic variations or acculturation, should we study the relationship between gender and career and exploit it?

Women's Health and Gender Differences

The Gender Difference- Statistics in science and Math, SAT scores, etc.

ON-LINE SMILES- Gender differences in on-line communication

Gender, Difference and Identity Issues- Links to on-line essays and reports.

Gender Bias in College Admissions Tests

Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Archetypes

Gender Development and Culture- Case Studies

What sex is your brain- Are ability and gender biologically determined-

Women, Science & Cognition

Hormonal Effects on Cognition

Psychology Today Online- Features


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