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Truth or Propaganda? 

One interesting way to explore the concept of truth in our society is to choose a specific topic or event and use the internet to investigate how various groups and individuals deal with it.  What is the truth?  What, if any, is the relevant difference between truth and propaganda?  If someone strives to believe only the objective truth, supported by ‘facts’ and ‘evidence,’ what should they do?  Where should they look for news?  Use these Web links to explore these questions.

  • Explore how various news resources (mainstream, right-wing, left-wing, etc.) evaluate a recent political debate or speech.  Is there an objective view of the truth?
  • The internet also allows you easy access to international perspectives on current events.  Find English language reports from various countries and compare the way they discuss some important headline.  For the most interesting study, choose sources that are the most likely to disagree (China, Russia, U.S.A, India, Mexico, France, etc.)  

Propaganda Information- Good site including contemporary examples

German Propaganda Archive (Guide Page)

The Art Of Propaganda!

Modern Political Propaganda (1930)

Links to propaganda posters- Very interesting site.

Propaganda Techniques [Free Republic]

The Propaganda Page- Great site with many links


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