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Metaphysics and Science

Through metaphysics, philosophy is an enterprise interested in understanding the nature of reality. Philosophers, however, are not the only people interested in this endeavor. Scientists too spend their time attempting to analyze and understand reality. We should note that this differentiation between the realm of science and philosophy has not always existed. For instance, many of the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers were engaged in what we would now call science. Aristotle, one of the West’s greatest philosophers is also considered one of the first and certainly most influential scientists of all time. When Aristotle pondered the nature of reality, however, he did not try to decide whether he was doing philosophy or science; for him there was no difference. What then is the relevant difference between the methods, procedures, and goals of the metaphysician and those of the physicist or chemist? The links below will help you investigate the similarities and differences between the ways philosophers and scientists search for the true nature of reality.

The Dilemma Facing Science: Looking at basic assumptions

Boundaries of Science Webring: links

Event-Symmetric Space-Time: An on-line book

Physics Time-Line: From the Pre-Socratics to Present

Some Basic Ideas about Quantum Mechanics

Quantum links: Excellent links for exploring contemporary quantum physics

Gary Zukav Home Page: Quantum Metaphysics


Superstrings! String Theory Home Page

Superstring Theory Links: Yahoo

Theory of Everything


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