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The Cosmological Argument: The Big Bang and the Nature of Causation

The basic tenets of the Cosmological argument for God's existence go back (in the West) at least as far as Anaximander and other presocratic Greek philosophers.

  • Why are we here?
  • Is there a first cause that is responsible for everything?
  • What is this cause and can we know what it is?

These questions are still being asked today by theologians and also by physicists who are searching for an understanding of the origin of the Universe.This inquiry is also raising interesting and philosophically potent questions about the very nature of 'cause and effect.'

Here are a few specific questions and some hyperlinks that are a starting point for using the Internet to find answers.

Is the Big Bang the efficient first cause of everything?What came before the Big Bang?Are there uncaused events?If so, what are the implications for the cosmological argument?

Big debate over the Big Bang

Creation ex nihilo

Stephen Hawking and the mind of God


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