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The Philosophical Journey: An Interactive Approach

Eastern Religions and Western Culture: Meditation, Vegetarianism, Yoga, Reincarnation

Though the majority of Americans consider themselves to be Judeo-Christians and relatively few are Hindu or Buddhist, the influence that these Eastern religions have had on modern Western society can't be denied.

Here are a few specific questions and some hyperlinks that are a starting point for using the Internet to investigate them.

A. Meditation, relaxation exercises, and yoga are becoming a part of many of our lives (and also being incorporated into western religious practice). Does this imply that we are also accepting some of the philosophical underpinnings of these practices?

Meditation (

Meditation Discussion Forum

A World of Yoga

Yoga (

Yoga Central

B. Vegetarianism, though not only a religious or value based choice, is becoming ever more prevalent in our society. In what ways are Eastern religious and philosophical ideas related to the increasing popularity of Vegetarianism?

Ahimsa Homepage    

Ahimsa: The Hindu Ethic of Non-Violence

Jainism and Vegetarians

C. Though not all aspects of the New Age movement are directly related to any specific Eastern religion, certain aspects, such as a belief in reincarnation, certainly are. Can someone be a Christian and have New Age beliefs?

The New Age vs. Christianity

A Christian Critique of New Age Beliefs

New Age Links

New Age Page

New Age Discussion Forum

New Age Chat


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