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Applied Ethics

One of the most prolific areas of contemporary philosophy is applied ethics. Applied ethicists focus their work on one or more specific areas in contemporary society where ethics plays (or should play) an important role. For example, there are applied ethicists working in the fields of: bio-medical ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, legal ethics, engineering ethics, animal rights, to name a few. In addition to focusing on career specific areas, many applied ethicists attempt to help us deal with the ethical issues we face in our everyday life.

Use the Web links below to explore various focuses of applied ethics. With a little exploration you are sure to be able to find information about work in ethics being done in whatever career or academic area you are personally interested in. Note how the ethical theories covered in the textbook are molded to fit the specifics of each field. Many of these sites contain 'case studies' in ethics. These fictionalized scenarios are often used to help people think clearly about ethical issues that are likely to come up in their lives.

Applied Ethics Resources on the Web: Links to many areas of Applied Ethics

The Ethics Connection: Comprehensive Applied Ethics site including case studies.

Ethics Updates: General ethics site, links and information 

Business Ethics Resources


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